We are renowned for bringing individual style, design and personality to the residential market. Since every space is different, our goal at Urban collective is to design buildings that keep the essence of the space at its core, making each project's unique qualities our trademark.

As we focus on boutique, owner-occupier residences, we believe this helps us stay more in touch with the current market and the types of properties that buyers are looking for.

We create sustainable and authentic developments that are attainable, urban builds, providing a genuine alternative to traditional housing.

As many new homeowners are choosing apartments, due to the convenience, cost and location, we work to design apartment spaces that improve living experiences and meet our clients needs.


Our passion for design means we strive to set new benchmarks for stylish and practical apartment living.

We understand that no two locations are the same, which is why we work to make all our projects unique. Our team of talented and innovative architects, planners, interior designers and developers, work collaboratively to ensure the Urban Collective approach is carried through every element of the project in a relevant and authentic way for the area and the people who live there.

Future Needs

We carefully select all our locations, and thoughtfully consider design process, to ensure we create connected and efficient developments.

We only use materials that will last for the lifetime of the building. We’re also careful with design and architecture, ensuring the building will fit into its surroundings for generations. Making sure the materials are durable and require little to no maintenance, keeping body corporate costs low is another important aspect for Urban Collective. 

We want to create character-rich apartments, set in interesting and convenient communities. So we choose locations that put the homeowner at the forefront. It's about using spaces to enhance your way of living. Each project is an opportunity to introduce simple ideas that make life easier and more enjoyable. Our commitment is to bring the best of what we know today - and use it to enhance the way in which you live now and in the future.


Each Urban Collective project is a new opportunity to bring our ideas, passion and innovation to a new audience in the suburbs we love. We strive to provide a selection of residences to meet the differing needs of clients and homeowners.


Our Partners

Citizen Apartments

Very very impressed with The Citizen - you guys are doing amazing stuff !!

Dylan Apartments Resident

We absolutely love this apartment. We want to stay here until the coffins turn up, and we are very excited about it all.
Also I personally have been really happy dealing with you, it's straight forward and transparent which I appreciate.

217 North

We are so happy with the apartment. Never experienced apartment living before, but so far so good.  The developer was very open and kept us up to date with the whole process, so we are always in the loop. Buying our first property was quite a tricky process as we have not had any prior experience… there were a lot of learning curves but the team from Urban Collective were very helpful through out the whole process.  Many thanks.